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Experience the life-changing energy of Íse's profound influence as a speaker, shaman, and professional storyteller. Teaching audiences how to bring fresh eyes to old paradigms, alchemizing complex concepts into simple bite sized usable knowledge that allows their inner and outer light to shine every single day, Íse encourages with pure joy- dancing in his personal love affair with life across the stage and into the heart and soul of your audience.


I Rise

Light the fire of your audience's potential to overcome everyday challenges so that they can RISE to be their best selves in every area of their life. Íse delivers this powerful and practical talk, taken from real life challenges, that bring tears, hope, and laughter- inspiring real steps forward for anyone to Rise, Rise, and Rise again.


The Divine Man

Awaken the mind of your audience to explore the natural evolution of the modern man into the limitless Divine Man- one who is connected to himself in spirit, mind, and body as he properly leads his family, his community, and the world back into wholeness. Íse recounts his true life experiences of transformation in becoming his own Divine Man, leaving your audience in awe, tears, and with hope that any other man can do the same.


Loving Your Ex So You Can Love Your Next

A truly awe-inspiring one-of-a-kind real-life account by our speaker(s) on how they both disintegrated the stereotypical negative paradigm of the "exes" and how to create positive communication and relations between all members of the newly shaped family dynamic. (Single or Dual Keynote Speakers)



As a female empowerment expert for nearly two decades, and former VP of a domestic violence non-profit, Íse masterfully creates the space in this activating keynote experience for all females to continue stepping into their Divine POWHER energetically, mentally, emotionally, vocally and physically. This is truly an activating experience where your participants will never be the same again.

Holistic Team Performance

Our diverse experience-based approach to optimal team performance infuses the best of accurate science, ancient wisdom and integrative artistry to awaken the limitless potential in your team.

  • Increased productivity and flow
  • Unhealthy competition converted into high level collaboration
  • Reduce tension in the work environment
  • Better communication & conflict resolution
  • More capacity for flexibility
  • Creativity stimulated & expressed
  • Easier problem solving
  • More self-love and respect for others
  • Increased positivity & less funky attitudes
  • Environmental peace and harmony

Our intention is for each man to connect to his higher identity and reasoning system in a way that is simple, practical, sustainable, and holistic, so that he naturally contributes to life and his team with the best of who he is. 

Note: Team and one-on-one private coaching is no joke. You must be ready to confront the ugly, walk through your fears, release faulty belief systems and paradigms, and be fully committed to taking action every day. 

Pricing: $65,000 - $200,000 depending on client needs.

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  • 1-2 Day Workshops
  • Events & Retreats
  • Team Development
  • Hybrid Training Programs
  • Executive & Leader Optimization

Training Themes

  • Awakening the Divine Masculine in Men
  • Awakening the Divine Feminine in Women
  • Unassailable Team-flow (Men & Women)

Corporate Client Transformations


"I’d like to thank Íse and The Divine Man coaching program for all the work and effort put into the experience brought to our company. Íse made concepts of The Divine Man very accessible to my team of plumbers, managers and office staff, who had never explored things like healthy emotions, yoga, meditation and even proper breathing. My technicians and field staff were able to up-level their performance in their day-to-day at work so that the team could flow well together to get $hit done (pun intended). The team also got to experience the benefits in their individual lives at home, with their families which happens to reciprocate back and forth. I am forever grateful that I got to work with Ise personally, and share his transformative influence with my team. I recommend The Divine Man coaching program and Ise to anyone interested in up-leveling themselves personally and/or professionally." - Owner / Founder, Ninja Plumber

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