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Catch up on Íse's latest articles and interviews. Most recently, his work in coaching men was highlighted in the international publication "Being Man" magazine. Whether he's being featured in People Magazine, Essence Magazine or TV Guide, Íse harnesses his entertainment influence to inspire audiences and transform teams through his inspirational speaking and coaching programs. Find out more HERE.

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Current Projects

Death on the Border

Two determined women vie to escape their abusive relationships with a dirty detective at rock bottom, determined to move sex-trafficked girls over the Mexican border. In theaters November 3, 2023 or get it on-demand at the button below.

(Also available on Amazon, Spectrum, Verizon FiOS, Vudu & Youtube)

Entertainment Inspires Advocacy

Íse's latest film explores the current and urgent issues of today's society: including domestic violence, human trafficking, female empowerment, male development and modern family dynamics. But these issues don't just live on the big screen, we are working to use the power of entertainment for real world impact! Work with Íse and his team to inspire action, foster support, and maintain advocacy in your profession, educational, or spiritual communities and beyond. 

Speaking and Coaching programs available HERE

A Few Of My Most Popular & Compelling Acting Scenes

Not only has Íse worked with some of the industry's most recognizable talents (Will Smith, Kiefer Sutherland, Martin Lawrence, Danny Trejo, and more), but his commitment to the craft inspired these actors to reach and achieve even greater heights of performance. Whether embodying an evocative, emotional role, grabbing the screen as a super-cool villain, or lifting his audience with levity, Íse brings the highest level of dedication to every project in his distinguished body of work.

Death on the Border


Bad Boys 2

Criminal Minds


My Most Valuable Interviews

Dive deep into Íse's story of leaving Hollywood to find his authenticity and realize his true calling as a coach, mentor, and guide for men to be their best selves. Discover his journey to self-realization and spiritual awakening, as Íse discusses how he exercised self-love, compassion, and personal accountability to emerge as a shamanic healer, co-parenting partner, and leader in his community.

Postcards To The Universe

The Emmy Award Winning Voice

As an Emmy Award Winning voiceover artist, Íse will bring the powerful elements of professional camaraderie and creative charisma to your vision- whether working remotely or in the studio. With his naturally uplifting energy and love of being a true team player, Íse's voice talents punctuate and articulate your message, ranging from up-lifting sunshine tones to a warm, rich baritone- highlighting every word with whiskey and dripping each vowel with honey.